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Sorry I haven't posted the Nicholson Legacy in over 2 weeks, I've been busy being 17, having a Wii, and getting ready for exams.

However, I thought I'd just share this with you:

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The Second Generation already outnumber the First - what else is going to happen? Well, there's a lot of certain pic spams, that's for sure. Be warned, this is one big post.

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Poll #972623 The Sims 2 University

Which University do you regularly use?

Sim State University
La Fiesta Techa
La Academie Tour thing
Your own custom one

It'd be nice if you could help me with what you think is your favouite University. :D
This is the Nicholson Legacy, and this will be the first out of god knows how many in Cherry Hills. Hope you enjoy!

The Nicholson Legacy: Generation One, Part OneCollapse )